‘Dementia’: Joe Biden Today, My Father Yesterday

When coping with a loved one who suffers from cognitive impairment, it is believed that familiar settings are crucial. It might explain why the Bidens spend extended weekends in their Delaware home or beach house rather than staying at the White House.

If Joe Biden has dementia or Alzheimer’s and needs to move from one area to another, a phony Oval Office may be required. Alzheimer’s disease or similar dementia kills one in every three seniors, and it kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. Recently according to the reports, Joe Biden mistook Libya for Syria during a G-7 meeting and couldn’t recite one to five backward.

During a joint news appearance with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Joe Biden forgot his Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s name and referred to him as “that man Down Under.” 

“Representatives, um, Shirley Jackson Lee, Al Green, Sylvia Garcia, Lizzie Panelli, pardon me,” Biden muttered incoherently. And, um, what am I doing here, Pannill? Joe Biden is Marxism’s grandfatherly face, bolstered by those who understood that an ancient old guy and his devoted “doctor” wife had a greater chance of fooling the American public than a small man with a funny mustache.

In answer to a query concerning the virus, Biden stated, “We know why all the medications granted are permanent approvals, not temporary approvals.” Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson headed a group of 14 Republicans that urged Biden to undergo a cognitive test in June. Donald Trump took the tests and acquitted himself every time. According to recent polls, a rising percentage of Americans doubt Biden’s mental competence to serve in the White House.

Jill grips Joe’s hand. It may explain why so many people believe Jill is a physician. Because when people see Jill standing at Joe’s side, they think of a doctor and a patient.