DC Judge Drops Murder Charge In Car Theft Case

A shocking case in Washington, D.C. has taken a turn as a judge dropped murder and kidnapping charges against a woman who allegedly stole a car with a passenger inside. The incident began when Leslie Marie Gaines, 55, was taken to MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital. After her therapy session, she experienced blurry vision and leg issues. First responders suggested taking her to the emergency room, but her daughter decided to drive her there as it was nearby.

According to reports, Gaines’ daughter left the car running with Gaines inside while she went to find a wheelchair. During this brief moment, Kayla Kenisha Brown, 22, allegedly took the car and drove off. A Metro Police captain later spotted the car speeding down 6th Street NW before it crashed into a federal building. Brown attempted to flee but was quickly apprehended. The passenger, Gaines, was found unconscious and later pronounced dead at George Washington Hospital.

Earlier that day, Brown’s parents had reported her erratic behavior to 911, believing she was under the influence of drugs. She had been taken to the same medical complex where the car was stolen. Surveillance footage showed Brown approaching the car and driving away.

Despite initially being charged with felony murder, kidnapping, and unarmed carjacking, D.C. Superior Court Judge Heide Herrmann dismissed the murder and kidnapping charges, citing lack of probable cause. Prosecutors plan to present their case to a grand jury. Brown’s attorney argued that the car wasn’t taken violently and that Gaines’ exact cause of death is still unknown.

In a tragic twist, it was revealed that the car theft could have been avoided if Brown had just used Uber. After all, everyone knows it’s cheaper to hail a ride than face a grand jury.z`