Data Scientist Claims Firing From Reuters for Statistically Refuting BLM Claims

Former Thomson Reuters data scientist Zac Kriegman is now detailing the circumstances of his firing, which he says came when he found evidence that refuted Black Lives Matter’s claims.

Kriegman’s job was to dig into numbers and conclude what they meant, but he apparently did his job too well. When he examined data on shootings of unarmed Black men for the news service, he found the facts did not add up to BLM claims.

The former director of data science was fired from his $350k-per-year position after sharing his findings on the company’s internal social media network. His conclusion? Police kill more unarmed White people than Black people and that the BLM movement led to the deaths of thousands.

Washington Post data documenting fatal police shootings show since 2015, police killed 3,024 White people and 1,596 Black people. However, due to Blacks making up only 13% of the population, media outlets reported that the minority population is disproportionately victimized.

Kreigman took a different approach, and he says that ended his six-year position at Reuters. His conclusion? Police are slightly less likely to use lethal force against Black suspects.

Besides using statistics to call into question the standard narrative that heaped praise on the “peaceful” movement, Kriegman showed numbers backing up the “Ferguson Effect.”

This controversial theory ties the major increase in violence and homicides after the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri to anti-police hostility and law enforcement reluctance to proactive policing.

Kriegman was called to Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion. He says he refused to toe the line and was subsequently fired.

After the George Floyd killing, Kriegman says Reuters asked employees to take part in a “21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge.” He says the program promoted reparations, critical race theory, and instruction on “how to be a better White person.”

After Floyd’s death, Kriegman says the company became a “blue bubble” with continuous celebrations of the BLM narrative. He adds that it was assumed that everyone was on board with the “standard” viewpoint.

What followed, according to Kriegman, was outright ridicule and hostility from colleagues. Then came his firing. The list of journalists and media members losing jobs for not kneeling to the woke mob gets longer, and further explains Americans turning away from the legacy media.