Dan Bongino: The ‘Big Lie’ Is That The United States Has A Southern Border

Dan Bongino made a very public statement on ‘Unfiltered’ on Saturday, stating that the Big Lie being fed by the Biden Administration is that we have a Southern Border. The border does not exist because it is entirely open for illegal immigrants to enter. 

The right-wing political commentator had a lot to criticize the Biden Administration, but he emphasized the Southern Border chaos. He said that the Biden Administration could not provide a number of the illegal immigrants present in the United States to date because they do not know it themselves. The entire administration has been so absent this whole time that they have no idea how many illegal aliens are roaming the states independently and without a date of the court hearing. He called out the DHS Secretary Mayorkas and the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s inability to disclose the numbers because they don’t know it themselves. 

In a very concerning yet taunting voice, he stated how the representatives of a sovereign country with borders could not know how many people have entered and are entering the country through the borders each day. The purpose of the borders is to stop the people before entering and ask for their citizenship, whether they have a green card or a business to handle in the country. If the immigrants are entering without being asked such questions, what’s the purpose of such a border and he is not wrong when he claims that our country does not have a border because it has turned into an open entry point from where millions of people have entered illegally. God knows what the border patrol is doing to handle the situation.