Dan Bongino: Dems Are Blaming ‘Failing Democracy’ For Their Misfortunes

“Easy to foresee what will happen by how deranged they get,” Fox News host Dan Bongino told viewers Saturday night that the “clock is ticking” on Democratic rule. He addressed the Folks, saying it’s a new year, a recent crisis, which means new talking points tested in focus groups by liberals. They’ve got nothing else. And if you only watch the leftist media, you might get the impression that democracy is in grave peril.

Here’s the deal: Democrats are like the Praetorian Guards of democracy, and when they lose, democracy falls apart. Whenever they feel they have exhausted all options for resolving the conflict, this is their last-ditch effort. Genuine Democrats are looking ahead to 2022, and I’m sure the rest are as well.

The Democratic Party’s time is running out. They’re aware of it, and you can bet on it. A lot more people are beginning to realize what conservatives have known for a long time, in a few words. First and foremost, we must deal with COVID. It is nothing new for conservatives. In the absence of COVID, this is a joke. No, it’s not going to happen.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Two: As Andrew Breitbart put it, politics results from culture. Once the schools are changed, you can’t expect to change the culture. Parents are regaining control of their children’s education. Therefore there is little doubt that things are about to change. The left is well aware of this as well.

In other words, please don’t get fooled into thinking that these power brokers will freely give up their power. These large IT firms are obstructing progress. There isn’t anything they don’t like about the way things are. It isn’t the first time that the left has asked us to give up our freedom of choice in favor of Big Tech censorship.