Crime is Being Fueled by COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

The rise of medical tyranny is more dangerous than even its strongest opponents realize.

Medical tyranny has truly reared its head over the past 16 months with the arrival of COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Democratic politicians, with the full support of health officials, began coming out with COVID vaccine mandates left and right this year.

These mandates cost hardworking people their jobs for not rolling up their sleeves to take an experimental and largely rushed vaccine. COVID vaccine mandates barred people in certain parts of the country from dining in restaurants, working out in gyms and otherwise engaging in society.

Joe Biden even tried to use his presidential powers to force anyone working for a large company to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. However, after legal action from Republicans, the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s unlawful mandate.

However, despite the win against the president’s attempted defacto federal vaccine mandate, COVID vaccine mandates that exist in some communities are now fueling crime upticks. This is confirmed by American Thinker.

Reviewing the Link Between COVID Vaccine Mandates and Crime

In Los Angeles County, 4,000 sheriff deputies lost their jobs over their choice not to take the COVID vaccine. Should these firings actually occur, the Los Angeles County’s sheriff’s department will be reduced by more than 20%.

One Los Angeles County sheriffs has already warned that public safety in the community will take a real hit if the sheriff’s department loses thousands of workers.

Los Angeles, California is far from the only community suffering these impacts. In New York City, Democratic Mayor Eric Adams signed off on city police officers losing their jobs for refusal to take the COVID vaccine.

According to Mayor Adams, these police officers “quit” their job by not taking the vaccine. Meanwhile, New York City already struggles with high crime rates; so, the loss of an already diminished police force will surely hurt the citizens of the city.

The last thing they should be doing is giving the boot to good police officers.

More Harmful Impacts of COVID Vaccine Mandates

As medical tyranny lays waste to good first responders and opens the door for more crime, it’s also spreading a big lie.

The underlying argument for vaccine mandates is that communities are safer when everyone is vaccinated against COVID. But there are many experts who push back on this claim as untrue.

At this point, it is common knowledge that getting vaccinated doesn’t stop anyone from coming down with the virus. The vaccine doesn’t even stop one person from passing the virus to another person.

In light of this reality, people are losing their jobs and communities and are becoming less safe for nothing. This simply goes to show that COVID vaccine mandates are rooted in control, not in science-based health precautions.