COVID Has ‘Gotten Worse’ Since Dems Took Control

Consider the following as we enter the second year of having handed Democratic Party leaders the keys to our nation’s survival during the pandemic: Wow, this is a disaster!

As of Monday, we saw an astonishing 486,000 new COVID infections every day on average. It’s nearly twice as many as the peak number of daily conditions throughout Trump’s presidency. Could the 2020 election have been different if voters had known that not only would Joe Biden fail to “shut down the virus,” but that he would actively oversee the emergence of a more contagious form of the coronavirus that would more than double the number of reported cases?

The excitement doesn’t end with the addition of more cases. Students have returned to “remote learning,” according to a report published on Monday by the New York Times. However, that phrase does not adequately describe the devastation caused to students by being kept out of school for extended periods.

David Leonhardt, a left-wing writer, wrote a timely column this week about the toll it’s taking on society. The term “timely” refers to his observations being about a year too late, but they are still better than nothing. A study conducted by the Center for School and Student Progress found that the rate of academic achievement in grades third through eighth was significantly lower in 2020 and 2021 than in previous years, which he cited as an example. In terms of reading, it was between three and six points lower in 2021 than in the preceding three years. In mathematics, between five and ten points are deducted. From 2019 to 2021, the CDC reports a 51% increase in attempted suicide-related ER visits among teenage girls.

“I didn’t realize how terrible the situation had become,” Leonhardt writes of his startling insight. Wait, irreversibly damaging children’s mental development has an “alarming” effect over the years? Who knew? Biden and the Democratic-controlled Congress rammed through trillions more in testing and other absurd gimmicks (douse those desks with Clorox to fight the airborne infection). Instead, teaching union officials (Biden voters) say it’s irrelevant. They still don’t want to go back.

The situation is serious, which is why Democrats and “public health officials” are doing everything possible to make it appear otherwise. Didn’t you? COVID infection heals in five days instead of two weeks! Did you hear the news? Total case numbers are no longer relevant! Anthony Fauci warned us not to worry about hospitalized COVID-positive individuals because the positive status is often coincidental with the real reason.

It reminds me of the witness who said George Floyd “had an unusually robust heart” during the Derek Chauvin trial last year, despite the official autopsy report showing Floyd’s frighteningly damaged cardiovascular system and “quite significant underlying heart disease.”