Cory Mills: The Biden Administration’s ‘America First’ Agenda

According to a congressional candidate, President Joe Biden’s administration has put the United States at greater risk from a national security standpoint than previous President Donald Trump’s administration. President is pursuing an “America First” agenda, which he claims puts the country in jeopardy more than ever.

Mills is running for the Seventh Congressional District in Florida, which includes sections of Miami and Orlando. It was to put a stop to the never-ending conflicts. More importantly, he claims, it guaranteed that opportunities for women and children in Afghanistan were established.

Instead, he claims, it has done the exact opposite, leaving Americans behind and referring to the Taliban’s relationship as “businesslike.” According to Mills, the Biden administration attempted to prevent a team of former special operations unit personnel from assisting in the repatriation of Americans.

According to Mills, the threat at the United States-Mexico border has “certainly escalated” under the present administration. According to him, there are military guys on the FBI’s targeted watch list for entering our borders.

The “absolute insanity” of the State Department taking credit for the mission is being slammed by a private rescue team that helped four Americans dodge Taliban checkpoints and flee Afghanistan. On Monday night, Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Oklahoma) spoke with Newsmax’s “Cortes & Pellegrino” about the efforts to save a woman and her three children.

Moreover, Former Navy SEAL Mullah Mullin claims the State Department is “trying to take 100% credit” for rescuing an Afghan mother and her three children behind the Biden administration. Mills’ military veterans assisted in the rescue attempt, supported by private contributors such as the Sentinel Foundation.

On Monday, the State Department claimed responsibility for assisting four Americans in leaving Afghanistan via an overland route. Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) slammed the administration’s claim of heroism. “The Biden administration’s primary skill appears to be slapping itself on the back,” Jackson remarked.