Conservatives Can Now Hold AOC To Her Rhetoric After Her Dumbest Tweet Ever

Other than being an ignorant woman, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s arrogance stems from her perception of herself as wiser and more knowledgeable than she is. The ancient Greeks were very well informed that hubris, or false pride, contributes to people’s desire to screw themselves, often catastrophically as well as they acknowledged it. In addition, the same case is with this young congresswoman. Moreover, Alexandria Ocasio-arrogance Cortez has managed to avoid a major crisis so far but has had limited direct access to her district’s power structures, including the Bronx and Queens.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s tweets invalidate affirmative action and other racial double standards that the left relies on Wednesday upon. As a result, she made a complete fool of herself. In her tweet, she stated that:

“Hold everyone to the same standards we hold for Black women & women of color challenge.”

Consequently, Twitter, notorious for its mocking responses, was instantly flooded with answers pointing out her error in judgment.

However, this is an essential issue since black women and women of color are typically held to lower standards than their white counterparts, which is destructive to society. However, whether black women are regarded as distinct from other women of color?