Conservatives Are Being Discriminated Against in New York City

Growing debates about children’s education in this country are here to stay, it seems. As kids are indoctrinated with various talking points pertaining to transgenderism and critical race theory, parents and other concerned citizens are refusing to idly sit by.

Despite the reservations expressed by Americans, schools are making it very clear that they believe they can teach children whatever they please, with or without parental consent. Even Joe Biden fed into this narrative earlier in the year when he claimed kids in classrooms “belong” to teachers.

The teaching profession is overwhelmingly dominated by left-wingers. In New York City, one assistant principal is hard at work to keep it this way.

Outright Discrimination Against Conservatives
In a recording released by Project Veritas, New York City’s Department of Education official Todd Soper speaks about his refusal to hire conservatives.

Soper also has considerable oversight over what children are exposed to, due to his work as the assistant principal for New York City’s charter schools between kindergarten to fourth grade.

He admitted to a Project Veritas staffer that “specific questions” are asked to root out conservatives during the application process.

For instance, Soper claimed that if a conservative answered a question about diversity by claiming everyone’s equal, they wouldn’t get the job, due to a lack of understanding about intersectionality.

Soper also confirmed that in the schools he oversees, gender ideology is pushed on very young kids.

Dangerous Control of Information
Soper’s admission to not hiring conservative individuals only serves to confirm that an overt, leftist agenda is being pushed on children.

Since Project Veritas revealed these hiring practices from New York City’s Education Department, Soper’s distanced himself from using social media.

However, situations such as this are a prime reason why so many parents are turning to homeschool. Growing debates over what children are exposed to likewise play a role in rallying calls for parents to have access to school choice.

As it turns out, more people than Soper might imagine aren’t ok with their children having politically charged agendas crammed down their throats in schools.

By conservatives intentionally being kept away from jobs in the teaching profession, this only ensures the left-wing stranglehold on children’s education continues.