Conservative Dating App Users Reportedly Contacted By FBI

Disturbing new reports detail accusations that the FBI is contacting users of a “conservative” dating app when they answer a specific question concerning Jan. 6 at the Capitol.

Reviewers in Apple’s App Store are warning potential users away from “The Right Stuff” after they say they were contacted by the bureau over their answers to a profile question.

The question is “January 6 was…”

The app was founded by former Trump staffers but struggled to gain traction when very few women signed on. Then its invite-only system proved nearly impossible to get entry to.

But the most disturbing news came from complaints by its users that answering the Jan. 6 question led to law enforcement contacts. One reviewer said they answered that they were there at the Capitol only to be called by an FBI agent that very same day.

He said he’d only used the app for one evening and viewed the Jan. 6 question as “harmless.” The user further lamented that he came to the app “to find love, not a damn warrant.”

Another recounted answering the Jan. 6 question “honestly” only to get two police officers at his door the next day. He was told that they’d gotten a call accusing him of involvement with “domestic terrorism.”

The user claimed to believe that the app was created by Democrats to counteract the constitutional rights of conservative Americans. He further admonished potential customers to avoid The Right Stuff unless they want harassment “by left-wing fascists.”

Another reviewer declared they are friends with a coder on the project who provided proof that the FBI installed a “back door” so they could access data. This would be used to spy on “patriots” and gather their location history.

The politicized FBI is a shadow of its former self, and more evidence seems to roll out every day of it being used to target enemies. As for The Right Stuff, it has a 2.5-star rating in the Apple Store, and the primary complaint is still that there are not enough women using the platform.