Connecticut Store Owner Stops Armed Robbery By Returning Fire

A foiled armed robbery in East Hartford, Connecticut, on Thursday stands as another reminder from the news of the real-life importance of the Second Amendment. A store owner used his legally registered firearms to defend himself against the two would-be robbers who entered his store with violent intentions.

Two people wearing black ski masks entered the Humble & Paid Co. clothing store around 10:30 p.m. Thursday and demanded money. During an ensuing struggle with one of the suspects, the store owner was shot in the back but was able to draw his two legally registered guns and returned fire, striking one of the robbers several times.

Police officers arrived at the scene shortly after that and transported both the owner and the robber to a local hospital, where the robber later died.

The deceased suspect was identified as Jashar Haslam, 26, of neighboring Hartford.

The owner of the business is now recovering from non-life-threatening wounds.

The second robber fled as the owner returned fire and has not yet been identified or arrested by police. The investigation is ongoing, and officers are asking the public for information regarding the second suspect’s identity.

If the owner had not been legally armed and trained in using his weapon, his fate would have been in serious doubt. He had already been shot in the back when he was able to defend himself, and he would likely have been shot again until he was dead or completely incapacitated.

Stories of armed Americans defending themselves against violent cowards serve as the most significant possible disincentive to violence. When criminals know that potential victims are likely to have the means to protect their lives adequately, they are less likely to take chances with their own lives.

Meanwhile, violent criminals know that so-called “gun-free zones” are the softest target areas. They can exploit greater physical strength or their own illegal weapons to wreak havoc.

Many of the American cities with the highest violent crime rates are run by Democratic politicians who work endlessly to disarm law-abiding citizens in direct violation of the Constitution.