Congressman: SCOTUS Rulings Show Justices ‘Live and Breathe the Constitution’

During an appearance on Newsmax’s “Saturday Agenda,” Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) asserted that the recent rulings handed down from the Supreme Court show that the justices “live and breathe the Constitution,” whether you agree with their decisions or not.

“The court has to do what the court has to do with the judicial branch. It does what’s right. This is a good court,” the New Jersey Republican said. “[The justices] really, literally, live and breathe by the Constitution. The problem is our executive branch and our legislative branch are completely failing and destroying our country.”

Van Drew went on to cite the recent Supreme Court decision to allow the Biden administration to end the “Remain in Mexico” policy that was enacted by former President Donald Trump to help fight against the massive wave of illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border. The GOP congressman said that, while he disagrees with the court’s decision in the case, he understands the justices’ legal reasoning and instead places the blame on President Joe Biden for creating such a crisis at the southern border that rescinding this policy will cause such a problem.

“While the court may be correct constitutionally, the problem is under this particular president,” he said. “We have a real issue now because we’re going to have millions more crossing the border.”

Van Drew noted that lifting the Trump-era policy, which required illegal immigrants to wait in Mexico until their case was heard in the U.S., will now create a massive influx of illegals crossing the border and staying in the country, which will strain resources even further.

“It was the only vehicle, it was the only way that we could try to control the constant pouring in of illegal folks. And let’s understand what they bring with them,” the congressman said. “They bring, in some cases, diseases. Some of them are obviously on the terrorism list that we know of — a certain number of them, more than 50 at this point.”

Alongside the risks, Van Drew also brought up the costs associated with the variety of services given to illegal immigrants by the Biden administration, all of which the taxpayers will have to pay for.

“We are spending our American tax dollars on legal aid for them, on transportation for them, on literally domicile homes for them, places for them to live,” he noted. “No country in its right mind does this, and it’s really going to hurt the country.”

Regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling to restrict the regulations that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can impose on companies and the court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, returning the issue of abortion back to the states, Van Drew said that in both instances the states should make the decisions.

“It should go back to the states, and we should have individual legislators and people, just people, making these decisions,” the congressman said about the EPA ruling. “These bureaucracies were making decisions. That did not represent the legislative intent of the law that they say they were basing them on.”

Speaking about the Dobbs abortion ruling, Van Drew said that his state will most likely become a “sanctuary” for abortions under Gov. Phil Murphy (D), but that it is not a good thing.

“Spiritually, it’s not good for us, and this is what I say about the ruling and about abortion in general. We should think about this spiritually; it certainly is difficult on us,” he said.

“Follow the science. You know what we know now? If you look at the three-dimensional imagery that we get and that we look at, we can see these aren’t just amorphous blobs of inhuman tissue, that these are little children. They have toes and fingers and eyes and mouths. And that many of them, when they’re born prematurely, still lived. So we know that there’s much more there, and we know that this is a very serious issue for people, and it’s a very sad issue.”