Congratulations To Mayor Lori Lightfoot, ‘World Champion Mask Hypocrite’

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was spotted at the WNBA Championship Tournament as the Chicago Sky defeated Phoenix Mercury and claimed the Championship. But that is not what’s important here. Lightfoot proved herself the biggest hypocrite as she was pictured in the crowd without a mask on. The biggest Biden lackey who repeatedly emphasized mask mandates was herself spotted without a mask, and ironically so as everyone else in the picture was wearing a mask.

Lightfoot posted a picture of herself in the crowd, congratulating the Chicago Sky on their victory and was not wearing a mask, and that’s when people on Twitter started asking the obvious question, “Where’s your mask?”. She is being declared as the world champion mask hypocrite for this. She has disobeyed her mask mandate and has clarified that the mandate was for everyone but her. 

When Chicago saw a surge in Covid-19 cases, Lightfoot warned the people to take a step back and instructed the vaccinated to start wearing a mask in public. Back in July, she addressed the public that she has every faith in science, but everything is subject to change with new data in place and asks for new measures. Well, we’ve been hit by the Delta Variant, and the Covid wards aren’t empty, so of all, people should stay by her word and deliver what she said and by her example.

Some people from the crowd had also tweeted that she was wearing a mask the entire time and only took it down when someone asked for a picture, but she didn’t take it down if you look closely. It wasn’t on her face at all, and I guess we won’t be fooled so easily.