Confused Joe Biden Makes Up An ‘Imaginary Lake’

Joe Biden believes that Ukraine will be invaded “within the next couple of days.” That’s an update from their previous estimate of Wednesday. He cut short his excursion to the Ohio coast, citing a need to return to Washington. The President discussed the impact of his infrastructure package on the Great Lakes.

Moreover, because of poor weather and “a little stuff going on in Europe,” President Joe Biden’s trip to Ohio was cut short. Air Force One departed Ohio 12 minutes sooner than expected, departing the White House at 1:33 p.m. instead of 1:45 p.m. as intended. “The reason they tell him he has to go is that he hadn’t planned on leaving right now,” Biden stated after a 20-minute conversation.

Kamala Harris is in Munich for the Munich Security Conference, where she will meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and NATO officials. Even reporters were surprised to learn that President Joe Biden would not be attending. Biden claimed to be the candidate with the most foreign policy experience (consistently incorrect counts as experience). So, why isn’t he the one who goes when he claims an invasion is on the way? What was Biden’s hurrying off to? He’ll most likely spend the weekend in Delaware, as he does most weekends since assuming office.

Furthermore, during his State of the Union speech, Joe Biden reminded Kamala Harris that “everyone knows you” and reminisced about his old hangouts at Syracuse Law School and his time as a lifeguard on Lake Oswego. “Everyone knows you,” Biden creepily muttered, “the good news and the bad news.” During his speech, Biden explained why Harris, rather than himself, may be sent to Europe.

Joe Biden’s dream world is quite vivid. You have a reasonably decent notion of who he is when you add in the fictitious arrests, home runs, being a tractor-trailer driver, and conversing with deceased Amtrak conductors. When he starts to lose sight of what he’s saying, he’ll remark something like, “He has been talking too much, so let’s move on.”

When he speaks with foreign leaders, as he did at the United Nations in New York, Joe Biden can’t resist opening his mouth and inserting his foot. Despite the White House’s continued demand for children in schools to wear masks, he spent most of his address wearing one.