Concerns Emerge About Nevada Senate Election

Across the nation, many Americans are concerned about elections and how they are being run by the local and state officials in charge. In particular, one huge concern deals with races that are taking days upon days to be called.

Right now, there are still several elections that remain uncalled nearly one week since Election Day. Americans are understandably asking what is happening, why the results are being delayed, and if anything nefarious may be occurring behind the scenes.

An election that is particularly under scrutiny right now is the one for a Nevada Senate seat.

Bad News For the Conservative Movement
In Nevada, Republican Adam Laxalt challenged Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) for a Senate seat. Up until very recently, election results showed Laxalt with a modest lead over his Democratic opponent.

However, things later took a turn on Saturday. Suddenly, the election results shifted, with Masto leading Laxalt. Not long after this, the Nevada race was called in the Democrat’s favor, therefore confirming the GOP will not regain the Senate majority this time.

Meanwhile, the gap between Laxalt being in the lead and Masto getting the win occurred after days-long delays in announcing the results. Some conservatives have stated that once a race drags on for days beyond the election, it is very likely to end up in Democrats’ favor.

Masto’s lead over Laxalt in the since-called race remains under 1%. It is for this reason that some conservatives say the Nevada Republican should not concede until every single vote is counted.

Strained Trust in America’s Elections
Since 2020, many Americans have been on edge about political races, wondering whether or not the fix is in. Sadly, this year’s midterm elections have not put these concerns to bed. If anything, more people are raising alarm bells.

In Arizona, for instance, the state’s race for governor has been dragging on for almost one week past Election Day. To make matters even worse, on Election Day, tabulators in the state’s largest county mysteriously stopped working.

At this rate, there is no telling when the public’s trust in elections will be fully restored. If things continue as they have been, this trust may never return to what it was.