Comer Calls Out FBI Over Biden’s ‘Criminal Scheme’

Unswerving in his quest for truth and transparency, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) continued this week to question the FBI’s handling of a criminal bribery allegation against President Joe Biden. Comer is undeterred by the FBI’s refusal to surrender an essential document, fueling a new firestorm over the FBI’s role and government institutions’ accountability.

Comer has been adamant about an FD-1023 form, which purportedly reveals that then-Vice President Biden was entangled in a $5 million criminal bribery scheme. The FBI has been reluctant to meet his demands for its production, citing concerns about the jeopardizing of an ongoing investigation and the safety of sources.

The FBI eventually allowed Comer to view the document yet resisted fully complying with the subpoena to turn over the documents to the House Oversight Committee. This lack of cooperation has led Comer to initiate proceedings to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress.

When pressed by a reporter about the necessity of possessing the physical document, Comer retorted, “I’m supposed to take the FBI’s word that they’re investigating this?” This statement underlines the skepticism pervading Congress’ perception of the FBI’s dedication to this investigation. It also signals Comer’s continued commitment to ensuring the FBI’s transparency and accountability.

The skepticism isn’t without basis. Comer has been vocal about a larger pattern of alleged influence-peddling by the Biden family during Biden’s tenure as vice president. Claims have been made that at least nine Biden family members were involved in international business dealings and that the Biden family received more than $10 million through limited liability committees formed during Biden’s vice presidency.

The controversy extends beyond Comer. House Oversight Committee ranking member Jamie Raskin (D-MD) downplayed the document and its allegations, pointing out that the source was reporting a conversation between other parties.

At the heart of this matter is the credibility and trustworthiness of the source providing the information on Biden’s alleged involvement in the bribery scheme. Comer highlighted that the source, a highly trusted informant the FBI has used for over a decade, has been paid over six figures and consistently reviewed and found credible.

White House spokesman Ian Sams dismissed these allegations as a “fact-free stunt” to politically damage the president and draw media attention.

This confrontation between Comer and the FBI reflects the larger issues surrounding the transparency and accountability of our governmental institutions. The American public must have confidence in these institutions and ensure that our leaders are held to the same legal standards as any American citizen.