Colorado Teacher Misleads 12-Year-Old Girl into Attending Afterschool Transgender Grooming Club

An art teacher at a Colorado middle school invited a 12-year-old girl to a club meeting outside of school earlier this month that she told the girl was about art. In actuality, the meeting dealt with gender identity. The student was told there that if she is “not 100% comfortable” in her body she is transgendered.

Documents about the event were obtained by Parents Defending Education (PDE), and reveal that Wellington Middle School art teacher Jenna Riep convinced the daughter of Erin Lee to attend a Gay/Straight Alliance Club meeting.

The meeting included a speech from a member of SPLASH Youth of Northern Colorado. SPLASH Youth operates a program it calls SKITTLES that targets children as young as five for transgender grooming and conversion. The SKITTLES program appears on SPLASH Youth’s website, but is password-protected from public view.

PDE reported that as soon as the girl expressed the idea that she may not be totally comfortable with her female body, she was given a “queer flag,” a “trans flag,” and LGTBQ bracelets and stickers.

The meeting included SPLASH director Kimberly Chambers, who is also a substitute teacher in the district and a full-time employee of the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment. Chambers told children at the meeting that their parents are not “safe.” She encouraged the students to lie to their parents by telling them they did not attend the meeting.

The adults running the meeting conducted a “Genderbread Person” activity. That activity included the adults asking the youngsters about which people they are sexually attracted to.

Lee called the police when she learned of the details of the meeting, but was told they would not get involved unless there was an allegation of physical touching or indecent exposure. The Poudres School District simply confirmed their “secret safe spaces” to Lee.

PDE obtained emails sent after the meeting showing Chambers and Riep are determined to continue grooming the child. One email shows Chambers telling recipients that students should be reminded that they should not share the names of persons attending the meeting.

Riep sought advice from Chambers about how to control leaks regarding the secret meetings. Chambers assured her in a reply email that the Board of Education is a “strong ally.”

The school district’s policies provide that “school personnel should not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender or gender non-binary status” to anyone, specifically including parents.