College Enrollment Rates Are Drastically Declining

For quite some time, college was considered as the natural next step after high school. People were told that attending college would give them more opportunities and earning potential later in life.

Yet, eventually, this narrative started falling apart. Many folks who went to college ended up saddled with debt that takes decades upon decades to pay off. Others earned prestigious degrees only to get their diplomas and struggle with finding work in their fields.

Between these two issues alone, some people have begun reconsidering college as the end-all-be-all after high school. Within the past several years, there’s been a rise in people truly reviewing all the options before them.

The end result of this is a serious decline in college enrollment rates.

A Wake-up Call for Colleges and Universities?
Between 2016 and 2020, enrollment in higher education dipped to 63% after previously holding a 70% rate. In various states, such as West Virginia, Indiana, and Tennessee, college enrollment levels declined beyond the 7% national average.

As costs of going to college increase, some folks have started comparing higher education fees to taking on mortgages. This is encouraging young people to look into starting their own businesses, learning a trade, entering the gig economy, or otherwise entering the workforce without college.

Over the years, various polls have demonstrated growing skepticism towards how much value degrees really have, especially in certain fields.

The average American can expect to go tens of thousands of dollars in debt for just a Bachelor’s degree. Yet, people with Bachelor’s degrees are not always making enough money to easily pay off the costs of this degree plus interest.

The Other Elephant in the Room
As higher education enrollment levels drop, reports of left-wing indoctrination on college campuses continue to increase. For some time, colleges and universities were perceived as institutions where free thinking was encouraged.

Yet, this has largely been traded in for demands that college attendees submit to left-wing groupthink. Those who don’t, and especially those who share even right-of-center views, are often ostracized.

This, too, stands as a probable reason for some young people deciding that college and university environments aren’t the best fit for them.

If the higher education system doesn’t make some serious changes, the likelihood of enrollment rates continuing to decline will only get higher.