CNN’s Jim Acosta Wonders If Republicans At Trump’s Iowa Rally Could ‘Feel The Darkness That Fills His Soul’

Former President Donald Trump may have been rumored to be preparing to contest for the presidential office in 2024, but until then, people cannot stop obsessing over him, and CNN’s Jim Acosta is one of them. 

Trump just held a rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday night and the event attracted a large number of crowds. Thousands of people had shown up at the rally, and ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ also made an appearance, with the whole spectacle becoming a historical moment as the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ banner flew above the crowd in Iowa. Naturally, the Democrats are not too happy about the whole thing as Trump makes such an appearance at a rally for the first time since the 2020 elections and thousands showed up. The matter stands that as Biden’s approval ratings sink by day, the Republicans are getting stronger and stronger in states like Iowa, which are now likely to vote Republican and elect a different President. 

Feeling the threat towards Democrats, CNN’s Jim Acosta commented on Trump’s rally targeting the Republicans alongside him. He questioned the GOP lawmakers sharing the same stage with Trump during the rally as to whether they feel the same darkness filling their souls that already fills up Trump, calling it a cold feeling. We have to admit those are some bold and dark words coming out of Acosta, but how else can these Democrat lackeys ease themselves after watching thousands of people lining up for Trump in a single state. Acosta tried to imply that the Republicans needed to be more careful about Trump bringing up the January 6th incident and blaming Trump for it. 

Acosta’s words were not simply based on political disagreement, but resentment and Twitter are flooded with people telling him to suck it up.