CNN Is Having More Parties And Tweeting Pictures Of Their Staff Without Masks

CNN is throwing more parties and posting pictures to Twitter of their staff not wearing masks. These HYPE-ocrites are entirely shameless. They do not even care that it’s obvious they don’t believe any of the garbage they’re feeding Americans every day.

That’s so mercenary and heartless. Where are these big-time cable news people’s senses of patriotism and humanism? They’re just going in every day and spreading misinformation about coronavirus (that it should be the only story in the health section), and see all the madness and mayhem it’s caused, and keep at it, and compare baking skills. These people are total psychopaths.

Will they sell out their people and country for the old news model that makes no sense anymore in the new media environment? Wait a minute. They’re going to burn up their brand on atmospheric entry to this brave new world, coming in too hot with all that trashy, sensationalist fear, alarm, and hysteria news? They made everybody crazy with that now that social media amplifies this stuff.

And now they’re showing off their sweaters and taking pictures in an enclosed, indoor space, no mention of air filters or vaporizers, no hand sanitizer stations, and no one is wearing a mask. It’s just unbelievable, totally surreal. It’s not like the Covid pandemic is a Broadway musical or a zone in Disneyworld, where they can take the costumes off and be different people and forget about putting on the show, and it’s fantastic.

These news outlets inform the public and direct their attention to serious and honest matters of life and death. They went around saying there’s a very real, very dangerous pandemic and that we need to double mask indoors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. And they aren’t doing that themselves. That is just wrong.

It’s not surprising that CNN’s ratings are sliding, and more people watch YouTube to get their news.