CNN Debates Biden Documents A Win For Trump

It has been reported that President Joe Biden hid classified documents at the Penn Biden Center in Washington D.C. Consequently, CNN talking heads are trying their best to downplay the act.

BizPac Review reported that although CNN analysts are downplaying Biden’s criminal act, one analyst said this event will complicate the White House’s case against former President Donald Trump.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI in an attempt to retrieve classified documents that he took after the conclusion of his presidency. Many are seeing Biden being let “off the hook” as a double standard.

CNN analyst John Miller laid the foundation for why Biden’s case will complicate the investigation into Trump. “If you take the purely legalistic side of it and you get into the optics and the politics, what happened here is going to make it almost impossible to charge Donald Trump,” he said.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow was surprised to hear Miller’s statement responding, “Really?” Don Lemon, another CNN anchor, conveyed that this case puts Attorney General Merrick Garland in an “odd” position.

Kaitlan Collins agreed with Miller’s assessment: “I’m so interested that you said it helps Trump because I was talking to people close to his legal team yesterday and they were saying this is a huge gift,” she depicted.

The DOJ assigned a special prosecutor to investigate Trump. The special prosecutor is Jack Smith, whose wife produced one of Michelle Obama’s documentaries and donated to Joe Biden’s campaign.

Collins’ argument was that Trump has a special prosecutor assigned to his case, however, Biden does not. Yet, Biden committed the same “crime” as Trump, although Trump had the power to declassify the documents, and received no punishment for it. Hence, Collins argues this puts Garland in an awkward position.

The documents that Biden kept in the center were documents from during his vice presidency. A president has the power to declassify documents, however, a vice president does not. Thus, Biden’s case puts him at far greater risk of prosecution than Trump.
Altogether, Biden’s case gives Trump a big boost.