Climate Change Activists Increase Pressure on Biden

The Biden administration has been doing its utmost when it comes to meeting the demands of radical climate change activists.

Americans witnessed this first hand when Biden dismantled the Keystone XL pipeline, along with scrapping oil/gas drilling operations and leases. The president and his Cabinet continue to stand by these policies, even as they send energy prices through the rooftops.

Biden’s opposition to US domestic energy is so strong that he’s repeatedly choosing to court foreign nations for oil over working here in the states with energy suppliers.

Unfortunately for the White House, none of this is good enough for climate change activists who are demanding more. Over the weekend, White House chief of staff Ron Klain experienced this first-hand.

More Demands From the Far Left
On Saturday, climate change activists appeared outside of Klain’s home, demanding for the administration to declare a climate-related national emergency.

According to these activists, the White House isn’t doing enough to prevent emissions or ensure the planet remains intact for future generations.

According to these demonstrators, people traveled from New York and Pennsylvania to make their voices heard and provoke more action from the White House.

Many of the activists on Saturday also mentioned that Biden’s policies on climate change were a key reason why they voted for him. Thus far, this wing of the president’s base feels he hasn’t adequately followed through on what he promised.

Klain also personally came under fire for refusing to leave his home to engage with these demonstrators. People outside the White House chief of staff’s home slammed him for putting his own comfort in an air-conditioned residence over the larger-scale needs of the planet.

A Terrible Predicament For the White House
As the Biden administration comes under fire from leftists over not going far enough on climate change, many conservatives aren’t pleased with the administration putting climate change above all else.

One key reason why Biden’s refusing to work with domestic oil suppliers or reinstate the Keystone XL pipeline is his interest in pleasing climate change activists.

Thus far, there’s been no announcement of a climate-related emergency declaration to come. However, this weekend’s protests indicate that Biden’s approval amongst Democrats could soon fall in future polls to come.