Clear Majority Of New Yorkers Say Illegal Alien Influx Is A ‘Serious Problem’

As illegal aliens continue to flock to New York both on their own and via busses being sent by red-state governors, a new poll shows that more than three-quarters of New Yorkers see the influx of illegals as a “serious problem.”

Data from Siena College Research Institute shows that a staggering 82% of New Yorkers believe that the recent influx of illegal aliens into their state is a “serious problem” — with 54% saying that the problem is “very serious.”

Despite the fact that New York has long prided itself on being a “sanctuary state,” the survey showed that 58% believe that the state has done enough to accommodate illegal aliens and should now be taking stronger actions to stop them from coming in. Meanwhile, 46% argue that resettlement of illegal aliens over the past two decades has been a burden, not a benefit to New York.

Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg released a statement about the poll’s findings.

“New Yorkers – including huge majorities of Democrats, Republicans, independents, upstaters and downstaters – overwhelmingly say that the recent influx of migrants to New York is a serious problem for the state,” Greenberg wrote. “However, that’s where partisan agreement ends. A plurality of Democrats says that migrants resettling in New York over the last two decades has been a benefit. But, a majority of independents and two-thirds of Republicans say that migrant resettlement has been a burden to the state.”

Since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, more than 5.5 million illegal aliens have entered the United States. Border states have been overwhelmed by the mass illegal immigration, prompting Republican governors like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to send busloads of illegals to so-called “sanctuary” cities and states like New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

Just as border states experience on a daily basis, New York City has faced difficulties from the influx of illegal aliens — as they have overwhelmed the shelter system and taken away resources from New Yorkers in need, leaving officials begging the federal government for help.

As many as 1,000 illegal aliens arrive in New York City every day, according to some estimates — and taking care of the city’s current population of illegals costs the city roughly $10 million per day, with New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) warning that the total price tag already tripled to $12 billion.