China State Media Reportedly Mocks Taliban’s Takeover As ‘More Smooth’ Than US Presidential Transition

In recent news, it was noted that the Chinese Media has reportedly made the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan smoother than the US Presidential transition of the 2020 elections. On January 6th, the Capitol was rampaged by a violent mob to withhold the Presidential transition. It was suspected that Trump actually sent the violent mob to halt the proceedings inside the Capitol, and they caused complete chaos inside. The Afghan take over by the Taliban, on the other hand, was relatively smooth.

The editor of China’s Global Times, Hu Xijin, was reported to have made comments about the Afghanistan takeover, comparing it to the US Capitol riots. In a tweet, Hu mentioned that the power transition in Afghanistan was smoother than that of the US Presidential Transition. A member of the Global Times further elaborated upon Hu’s tweet, saying that the tweet was based on the narrative built up by the Chinese on Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter), making posts about how the Taliban takeover was peaceful compared to the January 6th incident of the Capitol where the violent mob stormed into the Capitol and damaged the property.

Hu’s tweet surfaced after the Taliban ordered their militants to enter Kabul. A statement by the Taliban’s spokesman indicates that the Taliban militants did not face much force as the police left their job. The districts in Kabul were already being evacuated, ministries evacuated, and all of the security personnel. The Americans also vacated the US diplomats, leaving behind an empty field for the Taliban’s to occupy, so where’s the lie.

Biden stated that the US invaded Afghanistan to deal with those responsible for 911, and they have been sold with. What comes next is not their headache, but I guess we all know how much they are being mocked for Biden’s decision, and it won’t stop anytime soon.