China Is ‘Playing’ Kerry For A Chump On Climate

China is set to initiate coal-run electricity, completely negating the climate change issues, and have even made a fool out of the US envoy for Climate Change, John Kerry. He tried to lecture them on reducing their carbon emissions.

China is the highest contributor of CO2 globally, at about 27%, and has no plans of controlling the emission. With zero regard for the impact of environmental pollution on their populations, let alone consideration for other countries, China is set to initiate more fossil-run industries, understanding very well that they are not exempted from the catastrophic harms of Climate Change. Instead of saving their skins, China made a fool out of Kerry, who met with the Chinese officials to get them to take a step back and rethink the contributions of their industry to Climate Change.

But according to the Wall Street Journal, they tried trading their way into receiving concessions from the US on other matters by ensuring cooperation on climate change matters. The Journal read that the climate change that has been the axis of focus for the US in recent years is also being noted by the Chinese conservative party that did not care for it in the past years. The Chinese foreign minister made it clear to John Kerry. The latter has been trying to get China to reduce its carbon emissions. The cooperation on the Climate Change aspect cannot be exempted from the overall relations between the US and China.

China’s priorities lie in the interest of its Communist party and then in the humanitarian causes that it ensures through economic prosperity. For that, they have compromised the climate for decades. Yet, they want America to keep its climate-related security issues aside and support its strategic interests. After ending up as a complete buffoon in front of China, Kerry has told the New York Times that China can do more in terms of Climate Change. Kerry’s cover-up of his failed attempt in lecturing China on the issue is laughable as he said that climate change is a global challenge rather than an ideological aspect.

As Kerry goes back unsuccessful, the director-general of the environment ministry’s climate change department defended the coal run electricity generators by saying that they have created a source of employment for the people, creating secure livelihoods and stable energy resources with little satisfaction for the US by claiming that it does not run on the total capacity to gain future concessions from the US.