Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Announces New Abortion Fund

Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced last week that the city has allocated $500,000 to “reproductive health investments” designed to make it easier for women to abort their babies. She said, “We are soldiers prepared to fight,” referring to the initiative coming in response to the anticipated reversal of Roe v. Wade this year by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lightfoot said the fund will “scale up access” to abortions for “those who are going to need it.” The money will go to those traveling to the Windy City for abortions, and will include funds for transportation and lodging.

The mayor said that women in “Chicago, in Illinois, and in neighboring states” deserve access to “reproductive health care.” She added that the pledge associated with the fund, “Justice for All,” would make Chicago a “beacon of democracy and freedom for everyone.”

Lightfoot went on to say the abortion fund would promote “everyone’s ability to thrive and fulfill their God-given potential.” In excluding unborn children from those who should have the “ability to thrive” she added that the city intends to be a “safe haven” for anyone who does not have free access to abortion.

She described free abortion resources as part of the “opportunities that they deserve and need to live.”

Even though she now declares herself to be a champion of “bodily autonomy,” the mayor imposed a vaccine passport system for all of Chicago and a vaccine mandate for city employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pro-life legal organization Thomas More Society issued a statement that Lightfoot wants to build on Chicago’s reputation as “a killing capital of the world” by using public resources to “kill those not yet born.” The group added that every state neighboring Illinois should follow the lead of the Texas legislature by banning “out of state abortion funds like these.”

During her address, Lightfoot inaccurately referred to an alleged attack on an abortion facility in Madison, Wisconsin. She claimed that following the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion pointed toward a reversal of Roe v. Wade, a “molotov cocktail was lodged” at the clinic.

No abortion clinic was attacked in Wisconsin as she claimed. In fact, the office of a pro-life organization in Madison was attacked last week through an attempted fire-bombing.