Charlamagne Tha God Draws Ire From ‘The View’ Host For Calling Biden And Trump ‘Trash’

Radio host Charlamagne tha God was on “The View” recently when he characterized both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump as “trash” candidates. His remarks drew sharp criticism from co-host Sunny Hostin who called his stance “irresponsible.”

“I thought it was irresponsible to say that both candidates are trash, when you’re comparing President Biden, someone who’s done incredible things for this country and someone who is facing 88 charges, and four indictments and is clearly criminal, in my view,” Hostin said on “The View: Behind the Table” podcast.

Despite pressure from Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg to endorse Biden, Charlamagne maintained his focus on “issues” rather than “individuals.” While implying he would vote for Biden due to concerns about Trump being a “threat to democracy,” he rejected the notion that this obligated him to fully back the president.

Hostin expressed disappointment in Charlamagne, citing his large following from “The Breakfast Club” show. She suggested his stance could contribute to “voter apathy” at a time when “too much is at stake.”

Appearing on Megyn Kelly’s show, Charlamagne described his experience on “The View” as the “strangest thing ever.” He noted Goldberg’s warning that she would “beat [his] behind” if he mentioned third-party candidates, lamenting the polarized state of political discourse.