CDC Reveals Director Walensky Had Second Positive COVID Test

Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Rochelle Walensky recently tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time.

This latest development comes after the formal Harvard Medical School professor tested positive earlier this month, but had a negative test after taking a round of Paxlovid.

“CDC Director Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky experienced mild symptoms from her recent COVID-19 infection, completed a course of Paxlovid, and, after a period of isolation, tested negative for the virus,” reads Monday’s statement from the CDC.

“On Sunday, Dr. Walensky began to develop mild symptoms and has again tested positive. Consistent with CDC guidelines, she is isolating at home and will participate in her planned meetings virtually.”

When Walesnky first tested positive earlier this month, the CDC informed the public that she was “updated on her vaccines” and only experiencing “mild symptoms.” She received her COVID booster in September and has given the pharmaceutical glowing reviews.

“The updated COVID-19 boosters are formulated to better protect against the most recently circulating COVID-19 variant,” Walensky said in a September 1 CDC statement.

“They can help restore protection that has waned since previous vaccination and were designed to provide broader protection against newer variants. This recommendation followed a comprehensive scientific evaluation and robust scientific discussion.”

Walensky finished with an effort to “strongly encourage” everyone to get the shot that did nothing to keep her from being bedridden for most of the last two weeks.

“If you are eligible, there is no bad time to get your COVID-19 booster and I strongly encourage you to receive it.”

“Laboratory data suggest these updated vaccines provide increased protection against currently circulating variants. If you received your last COVID-19 vaccine >2 mo. ago, I encourage you to join me & get your updated vaccine now,” said Welensky on Twitter.

President Joe Biden received his COVID-19 shot mere days after Walensky’s initial positive test. As you probably guessed, he also had high praises for the jab.

Joe Biden, who’s fully vaccinated and twice boosted, tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this year.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was also fully vaccinated and had taken two boosters when he tested positive for the virus earlier this year. He was treated with Paxlovid and, like Walensky, had a negative test after the initial positive result — but then another positive test shortly after that.