California is Looking to Manage Speech About COVID-19 Vaccines

California consistently led with some of the strictest policies on the books pertaining to COVID-19. Back in 2020, California turned out to be the first state to impose lockdowns as a means of stopping the virus.

Years later, the state continues to carry a reputation for the government’s heavy involvement in its reaction to COVID-19. From mask mandates to vaccine passport requirements, California’s taken great strides in putting through different policies billed as protective measures.

Now, also in the name of protection, California is taking direct efforts to micromanage speech from medical professionals about COVID-19.

The One and Only Approved Narrative
In California, the state is having a Senate committee hearing that focuses on legislation known as AB 2098.

In a nutshell, this bill enables the California medical board to bring punitive action against doctors who venture away from the narrative that COVID-19 vaccines are both safe and effective.

This view of the state is one that California Democrats want medical officials to stick with in lockstep. Sadly, it is simply not true in all cases.

For starters, some people who take these vaccines, especially young men, have later found themselves dealing with heart issues. This is further compounded by COVID-19 vaccines’ inability to save their recipients from the spread or infection of the virus.

Nevertheless, under AB 2098, medical workers in California will not be able to deviate from the official, state-approved “science-based” view of these vaccines and their impacts on people who take them.

Critics of this legislation are already sounding the alarm. It’s been said that if this bill ultimately passes and becomes law, California will have officially lost both medical liberty, along with scientific integrity.

Repeated Changes From the CDC
The premise of AB 2098 is that the science on COVID-19 vaccines is settled and not to be picked apart anymore.

Yet, in spite of this, medicine and science have a history of developing and advancing when questions are asked.

The CDC, for instance, has repeatedly changed its guidelines just on COVID-19 vaccines alone. At first, the health organization claimed these shots would be the key to ending the pandemic.

Later, the CDC would go on to admit that COVID-19 vaccines don’t stop vaccinated individuals from being sick with the virus or getting others sick too.