British Parliament Holds Joe Biden In Contempt For Afghanistan Catastrophe

The world has keyed in on President Joe Biden’s catastrophe in Afghanistan. The British and others have begun rescuing their citizens and military personnel, and Biden’s administration holds back the United States military.

The Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom ran an article titled, “Parliament Holds the President in Contempt,” while others similarly titled their pieces.

The charge of Biden is deliberately misleading a house of the legislature or a legislative committee. Most other countries are going against Biden just as the United States is. Bipartisan support of investigations into the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

During a press conference on August 20th, 2021, Biden said that he wasn’t aware of any of the U.S. allies condemning him from his actions in Afghanistan, but did take responsibility for the debacle. If the contempt tells Biden anything, it should say that everyone is upset and nobody is backing down. Biden’s actions have cost many lives of allies across the world. When this is all over, the death count will lie on Biden’s shoulders. Impeachment is inevitable, but Vice President Kamala Harris should also be fearful of her position.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been an ally throughout many Presidencies, said that Biden’s action left him with no choice. No respective governing authority can let this slide. They owe it to the country they represent to rule responsibly on the international scene, and not even Biden can get away with this lunacy.

Most importantly, the citizens of the United States have to hold Biden accountable. Politicians have to impeach Biden, or else his behavior becomes acceptable. The new Democratic party has failed this country, and something has to change.

The whole world needs to ask Biden to resign for the message to get across. Biden can’t get away with the mess he’s made unscathed.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May also weighed in, saying, “Was our knowledge of the position on the ground so inadequate? Did we believe that or did we feel that we had to follow the United States and hope that, on a wing and a prayer, it would be alright on the night?”

It’s frustrating from an outside perspective to see such distrust for the United States moving forward. This isn’t the last conflict that will erupt and the world leaders remember history otherwise it will be repeated.

Look at it like this, should the United States military trust the Afghanistan military moving forward? No? Then why would anything trust the United States. It’s heartbreaking to see the sacrifice so many veterans and active service members gave to the fight against terrorism for it to end so tragically.