Box Office Bomb For AOC’s Climate Change Flick

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) plays the lead in the climate change film “To the End,” a documentary that debuted last week. Still, the film is not getting stellar reviews from audiences or doing her any favors with the public.

Everyone knows celebrities get entangled in politics. So, why shouldn’t politicians be involved in Hollywood?

Four progressive leaders are introduced in the trailer, each contributing to portraying a new environmental movement among young people. The leaders who were filmed included political strategist Alexandra Rojas, climate policy writer Rhiana Gunn-Wright, community activist Varshini Prakash and U.S. government official AOC.

Throughout the film, the congresswoman is portrayed as a hardworking politician pushing legislation that will be “the moonshot of our generation.” The film mixes shots of various climate change protests with quotes from all four leaders and uplifting music.

“To the End” begins with audio noting, “media expects us to fail,” followed by a text from’s Nick Allen, who says the film is “set to ignite more Americans to take action.” But Americans didn’t react, and most did not even want to watch the movie.

Despite releasing across more than 120 screens on its opening weekend, “To the End” came in 33rd place overall at the box office, earning less than $10,000. The film made a whopping $80 per theater.

While the numbers don’t lie, critics like Elizabeth Weitzman called AOC’s performance “painfully poignant,” representative of “…the blend of optimism, desperation, and determination that powers the entire film.”

The website Rotten Tomatoes serves a “fresh” critic score of 83% but has not yet displayed an audience score. However, there have been several one-star reviews from the public. One user described the film as what would happen if “a group of middle school kids with no knowledge of science tried to make a climate change movie.”

AOC trekking through a forest could not convince average Americans that the movie was worth watching. In October, she mocked her constituents at a town hall meeting and now struggles with convincing Americans that she fights elite politicians for the betterment of the planet. After all, she is an elite politician herself.