Both Democrats And Republicans Want Biden To Stay Out Of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

A recent AP poll reported that there is not much difference between Americans and the war brewing in Ukraine. Both Democrats and Republicans disapprove of US intervention. Still, 33% more Democrats than Republicans want the US to play a significant role in resolving this conflict, which has gone kinetic. Therefore, the so-called anti-war party of peace likes pulling the trigger when Uncle Joe holds the gun.

Overall, the American public has no interest in increasing US commitments to defend an Eastern European nation and territories with ties to the old Soviet Union. Democrats are bound to intervene to a more significant degree than Republicans. However, considering how sharply isolated the nation is, generally speaking, the distinctions here are somewhat slight. Many people trust that the US should assume some part in the Russia-Ukraine struggle. However, they are hesitant to get excessively involved.

Conservatives are calling out President Joe Biden for his disastrous foreign policy and failure to prevent the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is not afraid of ole Uncle Joe. The US Armed Forces 82nd Airborne Division is ramping up at a Polish airbase.

Biden spoke from a teleprompter about Russia and Ukraine. He sounded like a drunk history teacher ranting about sanctions and Russia’s intrusion in Ukrainian territory. Congress is in a bind, with Republicans and Democratic quarreling about Joe’s treatment of the emergency. Many have urged him to take a different path, but he is committed to instigating this war. It indicates that his historical involvement in Ukrainian politics goes further than mere corruption and criminality.

Republican Senators and Representatives have stated that the Biden-Harris maladministration’s shortcoming prompted war. According to Representative Brian Mast (FL), who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, this problem is only worsening. Putin said the breakdown of the Soviet Union was a tragic international disaster. He thinks that the 20th century was marked by European and American powers ganging up on Russia rather than simply losing the Cold War. That is an interesting take on history, coming from a nation that murdered around 30 million people.

America faux President Biden is creating the newest international disaster. Vladimir Putin proclaimed that he would recognize break-off regions as independent states and spark further conflict by taking over portions of Ukraine. Biden responded by hiding noted Republican Representative Carlos Giménez (FL). He believes that the President’s grace period is over. He’s done enough damage over the last year. Biden is making a mess. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) called the Biden withdrawal from Afghanistan a sign of American weakness and ineptitude. But he seems to think we are still in a position where political solidarity and togetherness are needed. The Turtle McConnell is an idiot.

He is encouraging Biden to use the full force of the United States and issue devastating financial sanctions on Russia. This fool thinks that the American people want to supply Ukraine with weapons and even attack Russian outposts. Get a clue, Mitch! Treating this as the biggest clash in Europe since World War II is asking for disaster. We are in a completely different era of asymmetrical warfare, and treating this like a conventional battle is part of the problem.

The root problem is fighting a war that we have no vested national interest in the first place. Putin knows that Biden’s lukewarm reaction to Georgia and Crimea has only emboldened his ambitions in the region and opened the door for Chinese and Iranian aggression. Thank you, Democrats. The world will suffer because of your terrible decisions.