Boris Johnson On Trump Verdict: Legal Battles Will Bolster His Campaign

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made a bold statement regarding the recent legal verdict against former President Donald Trump, asserting that it will ultimately strengthen Trump’s campaign. Writing in The Daily Mail, Johnson contended that the legal challenges faced by Trump are actually benefiting him politically.

Johnson opened his article by expressing surprise at Trump’s continued political viability. “Whaaat??? How can anyone survive that? By all the laws of politics the Trump campaign should today be a smoking ruin. He’s a felon. He’s a criminal – and he is the first president in US history to be convicted of such ostensibly serious offences,” he wrote. According to Johnson, Trump’s campaign should logically be in ruins, yet it remains robust.

Johnson argued that the ongoing legal actions against Trump by “Democrat, liberal, legal opponents” are counterproductive. “The more lawfare they wage against him, the stronger he is,” Johnson stated, highlighting that these efforts are reminiscent of tactics used by autocracies, which are typically condemned by democratic nations.

He described the media’s reaction to the verdict as over-the-top, noting, “When the news flashed up on the world’s screens, there were commentators in studios everywhere whose voices audibly trembled with excitement.” Johnson criticized the portrayal of Trump in the media, suggesting it was exaggerated and failed to consider his steadfast support base.

Johnson illustrated the sensationalism of the media coverage with vivid imagery: “As Trump left the courtroom, we were invited to contemplate a parade of delirious images: Trump in handcuffs, Trump doing the perp walk to the cells; Trump in an orange jumpsuit; Trump meeting retribution in the showers of some appalling penitentiary.” He argued that these portrayals were detached from the reality of Trump’s enduring popularity.

Johnson emphasized that the liberal elites are miscalculating the impact of their actions. “The vast mass of American voters could see what I believe was really happening: that the liberal elites were just appalled at Trump’s continuing popularity and his ability to connect with voters – and they were using anything they could find to derail his campaign.”

Drawing parallels with authoritarian practices, Johnson remarked, “When we see this happening in Africa, or in Russia, we denounce it as authoritarian and corrupt. Well, the American people have looked at it, and decided that the methods and the motives are fundamentally the same.” He concluded that these legal challenges are likely to strengthen Trump’s campaign rather than weaken it, as his supporters view the actions as politically motivated attacks.