Border Patrol Agent Judd To Newsmax: DHS ‘Knew’ Migrant Surge Was Coming

According to a top US border patrol agent, the Biden administration was well informed in June that a wave of illegal migrants was going to the southern border but did little to prepare for them.

Following days of openly crossing the river between the United States and Mexico illegally, more than 12,000 immigrants, most of whom are Haitians, live in improvised camps beneath the Del Rio International Bridge. Judd said that DHS knew this was coming on “Greg Kelly Reports” on Monday. He also said that they were told back on June 17 that this would become an issue.

According to the reports, “DHS has been crammed with very open border liberals who are political appointments,” says the sheriff. He also said they can anticipate them having open border policies, which they’re witnessing now. In addition, Judd said that this is not an enforcement group at DHS right now. Drones and planes from news organizations broadcast video of the campsite, as migrants try to make the most of it in temperatures that sometimes reach 100 degrees.

Those still waiting under the bridge are offering water, towels, medical treatment, and portable toilets. Every day, up to 3,000 migrants are transferred from the region to other processing sites in the United States.

The reported DHS claims that the Biden administration reinstated the “catch and release” policy that attracts many individuals to breach our borders illegally. President Joe Biden’s policies are to blame, as is the fact that former President Donald Trump left him with a secure border.

“Some policies were functioning, and they were substantial policies for the safety and protection of the American public,” said Judd. Moreover, he claimed that before Biden took office, he demolished everything they were doing.

Within the next 72 hours, the Department of Homeland Security said it would increase deportation flights and dispatch 400 extra CBP agents and officers to the Del Rio area. The Biden administration has continued to deport migrants under Title 42 of the public health code enacted during the coronavirus outbreak.