Border Apprehensions Blow by Record — With Two Months Left

The White House is undoubtedly tempted to crow about last month’s first year-to-year drop in border apprehensions since August 2020. That is, of course, a good thing. The over 180,000 illegal migrants encountered by Border Patrol was below last July’s 200,658.

This news, however, is more than offset by the more startling figures out this week that show the number of apprehensions since this fiscal year began last Oct. 1. That number blew by 1.8 million through the end of July, which set the all-time record for border encounters.

With two months left in the fiscal year.

And June already broke the record for the month to start the summer. The blazing heat at the border historically slows the number of crossings during summer months, but the record is clear.

If not one single person illegally crossed into the U.S. through its border with Mexico for the next two months, it would still be the busiest year ever.

The spike in illegal crossings comes from several different groups. Single adults still account for 71% of those apprehended, but families are now 22% and those categorized as single minors now make up 7% of border crossers.

Part of the surge comes from the massive increase in arrivals from nations beyond the traditional “Northern Triangle” of Mexico and Central America. These include the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Another undeniable reason for the historic increase in illegal migrants flooding across the border is the change in the White House last year. Former President Donald Trump made no bones about closing the border and restoring order. Resources poured into the effort.

His successor took a decidedly different tack. One of President Joe Biden’s first acts in the White House was to reverse Trump’s emphasis on border control. The new administration likes to talk about the “closed” border, but that’s a fallacy.

An all-time record number of illegal crossings puts that position to rest. And those wanting to gain illegal entry into the country, for good or not-so-good reasons, know that quite well.