BLM Criminals Should Be Handed “Lesser Sentences”

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has lately been a heated subject in the United States, with one demonstrator receiving a 10-year term for torching a Minneapolis pawn store during the George Floyd riots.

Biden’s Justice Department requested a life sentence for a rioter who killed a man in Ferguson, Missouri. In the name of Black Lives Matter, the rioter committed his act. According to a US Attorney’s office report, the rioter’s motivations for committing the offense warranted a reduced sentence.

Mr. Lee’s motivation for starting the fire is a significant concern. According to the report, Mr. Lee credibly asserts that he was in the streets to protest unlawful police aggression against black males, and there is no reason to doubt him. Lee admits that he “could have demonstrated differently,” but that he was “caught up in the mob’s wrath after living as a black man witnessing his friends suffer at the hands of cops.”

Moreover, the message states, “As everyone following the news around the world knows, many other folks in Minnesota were also caught up.” Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye said, “Mr. Lee looks to be clearly in the group of persons who were seeking, in many cases in an extremely irresponsible and hazardous manner, to give expression to those sentiments.” He said, “It appears that many people in those days were merely hoping to profit from the confusion and disarray.”

Therefore, supporting Black Lives Matter is vital to a lower sentence. The US Attorney’s office urged that Justin Lee be sentenced to 144 months in prison rather than the required 235-240 months. Instead, Lee was sentenced to 120 months by Obama-nominated Judge Wilhelmina M. Wright. So, if you’re in legal trouble, claim you support Black Lives Matter, and you’ll get one of these from the Biden Justice Department.