Big Pharma CEO Albert Bourla Opens Up About The ‘Flaws Of Vaccine Mandates’

Vaccine mandates are one of several restrictive tactics brought on by the ongoing COVID epidemic, resulting from individuals attempting to “follow the science” and doing everything but or of government and bureaucracy officials flexing their dictatorial muscles. It’s debatable whether they serve a meaningful societal role. “When society’s interest conflicts with the individual’s interest,” mandates pose a problem.

For people who choose not to take the vaccination, high immunization rates dramatically lower the risk of illness. As illness rates decline, the vaccine’s hazards become more apparent, offering even greater motivation to avoid vaccination. When a person in this community decides to remain unvaccinated, their risk of sickness is only slightly increased, but they benefit from avoiding vaccine-induced adverse effects.

The key is herd immunity, a concept that may get you kicked off social media and out of polite society. When herd immunity is achieved, the risk-benefit ratio shifts from a lower benefit for every person vaccinated to a higher risk of vaccination side effects. If COVID vaccinations offer both individual and societal protection, vaccine mandates may be justified. If such is the case, such mandates are meaningless.

Pfizer CEO, in an interview, said the vaccine’s two doses provide incredibly minimal, if any, protection. The three doses give enough protection against hospitalization and death with the booster. The world’s largest COVID vaccine manufacturer, Pfizer, is led by Albert Bourla. He didn’t say “strong” or “great,” just “reasonable,” and “limited benefit.”

Vaccines are no longer effective in preventing COVID infection or transmission to others. They continue to provide “reasonable” protection from hospitalization and death. Is this a communal or individual benefit? Mandates boil down to this. Any vaccination decisions should be made in consultation with your doctor and carefully considering the risks and benefits.

Vaccine regulations are designed to safeguard society by minimizing infection and transmission while keeping hospital and ICU populations manageable. Mandates protect children from contracting COVID and spreading it to their parents and grandparents, who may be unprepared to dismiss it as a common cold. This unique advantage may no longer exist due to diminishing vaccination protection and new variations. That doesn’t justify a societal obligation accompanied by shame and punishment for those who refuse.

By prohibiting vaccination requirements for major private enterprises, the United States Supreme Court took a step in the right direction. Exercise and fitness, food, body weight, alcohol, recreational drugs, and other practices that enhance the risk of individual damage or death might all be subject to mandates. The Omicron variant might serve as the ultimate vaccination, infecting most people mildly and leaving those infected with natural solid immunity. Despite the US Supreme Court’s ruling that COVID vaccination requirements are ineffective, the left continues to campaign for them.