Biden’s Wish List Includes Two More Senators

Despite having 50 Democratic Senators and the vice president’s tie-breaking vote, President Joe Biden said he needs two more.

Someone’s Christmas list is filled out early this year.

The president’s message came at a pair of California fundraisers Friday where he spoke under tents to wealthy donors. Obviously referring to Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, Biden told one gathering the pair continually “slow up what we’re able to do.”

His solution? “We need two more senators.”

Even with the influx of cash, political analysts believe it will be difficult for Democrats to maintain control of Congress after November’s midterms. As for increasing the number of White House allies in the Senate?

That’s a tall order.

Republicans need to gain a grand total of one seat to control the Senate. Adding to the normal gains by the opposition party in the first midterms after a new president takes office, this particular new president draws polling numbers that are near historic lows.

In a claim that will not be fact-checked by the left-wing press, Biden told the second gathering that six Republican senators have expressed their desire to vote for his agenda. They said, according to the president, that they would lose their primaries if they did.

A series of unhinged warnings followed about the GOP not being the historical party he dealt with as a senator. Using the description “extreme” multiple times, Biden called it the “MAGA party” and declared that former President Trump still controls its “heart and soul.”

At least he didn’t use “ultra MAGA.”

Still, supporters say Biden is optimistic as he rallies the faithful for the coming general election. One of his Friday events was held at the home of private investor Andrew Hauptman and had only a few attendees.

The second was at the Mulholland Drive home of entertainment executive Haim Saban under a tent set up on the tennis court. It was there that Biden unsealed his wish list.

A Democratic rebound by November is not impossible, and conservatives must watch for the predictable “October Surprise.” Still, without a series of miracles that would make a Hollywood scriptwriter blush, the president’s stocking will likely be filled with coal. How ironic.