Biden’s Vendetta Against Texas Is Getting Ridiculous

Joe Biden has a severe vendetta against Texas. After Biden rolled back a series of commonsense immigration reforms, he was enraged that Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott employed his measures to secure the border.

Likewise, the 46th president resents Texas for not bowing down to mindless COVID mandates rooted in control and nothing else. Biden’s been furious about the Texas governor making moves to protect individuals from having their rights infringed upon.

He’s especially furious about having his COVID vaccine mandates blocked in court.

Days ago, the president chose to direct his rage towards the Lone Star State by launching yet another frivolous lawsuit against them, as Free Beacon points out.

Earlier this year, Texas passed election integrity legislation amid the work to ensure the security of US elections. This enraged Democrats nationwide, as the party is dead set on doing everything it can to cheat and rig political races.

Therefore, leftists continue to run wild with the false narrative that any election integrity bill has the nefarious purpose of stopping minorities in America from voting. It is precisely what the Department of Justice asserted in its lawsuit against Texas.

The lawsuit went on to say Texas’ election integrity legislation “abridged” or blocks black and Latino voters from engaging in elections. The Justice Department also charges that the data from the 2020 Consensus, rather than election security, motivated the Lone Star State to pass new voting laws.

Ken Paxton, the Republican attorney general of Texas, weighed in on this frivolous lawsuit from the Biden-controlled Justice Department. Paxton started the Biden administration’s true goal to control the moves of voters in the Lone Star State.

Likewise, the Texas attorney general noted his confidence that Texas will be in keeping with the law and that the Biden administration’s frivolous lawsuit will ultimately be tossed.

During the 2020 presidential election, there were rampant reports of voter fraud. Individuals across the United States signed affidavits, attesting to the claims they were privy to foul play in the election.

Democrats may want to sweep this under the rug, but it does not work that way. Furthermore, if leftists are genuinely confident in their abilities to win elections above board, they shouldn’t be so scared of bills that guarantee election security.

The collective response from the Democrat Party towards any legislation that is designed to protect the security of elections speaks to just how much the left truly fears clean races where cheating does not occur.