Biden’s Response to America’s Baby Formula Shortage Will Be Investigated

The White House knew that issues with baby formula would arise months ahead of time. Dating back to February 2022, this administration was aware shortages were coming and could have put in place necessary safeguards.

Yet, instead of taking proactive measures ahead of time, the White House sat on its hands for weeks on end. Only when the baby formula shortages truly got out of control did the president act and apply the Defense Production Act.

In a nutshell, the Defense Production Act allows for shipments of baby formula to be imported into the United States from foreign countries; however, this is far from a simple or easy fix.

Although Abbott Nutrition has recently resumed operations, baby formula will not be readily back on shelves until the end of next month. This has been confirmed by the FDA.

However, the administration’s response to these shortages is going to be reviewed by the Inspector General of the Health and Human Services Department.

What to Know About the Upcoming Investigation
The baby formula shortage dates back to the FDA shutting down Abbott Nutrition’s manufacturing plant. This shutdown happened after babies who consumed formula from the plant ended up getting sick, with some even dying.

The focus of this investigation will largely center on whether or not the FDA followed standard procedures when putting the plant on lockdown.

Various officials within the Biden administration have claimed they did the right thing. Not too long ago, National Economic Council director Brian Deese said the White House has been working hard to fix these issues.

Yet, given that a federal response to these shortages didn’t begin in February, this has brought Deese’s claims into question. Had the White House acted earlier, many infants across America might have been spared hospital admissions.

To this very day, parents across the United States are wondering what they should do about baby formula between now and the end of July.

Too Little, Too Late?
Some Americans have stated the White House is not being completely honest about the timeline of when it knew about baby formula shortages.

Others suggested these formula shortages are intentional and part of a larger plan. Even with the investigation from the Health and Human Services Department, parents and their babies will still be in a bind for at least the next several weeks.

This will not change even with the FDA and White House being formally reviewed.