Biden’s Presidency Continues to Struggle

On July 4, 2021, Joe Biden spoke at length about the “crossroads” his time in office was facing. Little more than a year ago, the president claimed the United States was in the middle of bouncing back from different economic and societal challenges.

Biden also painted an optimistic future for the United States under his leadership. Fast forward to present day, and there are still many Americans who beg to differ from the rosy image painted by the president.

From July 4, 2021 to July 4, 2022, many changes have occurred in America amid Biden’s leadership as president. Few of these changes have been good.

A Crash Course of Biden’s America Over the Past Year
In the past year, the United States has observed the rise of new COVID variants, a botched military withdrawal from Afghanistan, increasing issues with inflation and gas prices, along with the infamous Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As all these problems played out, Biden’s approval ratings have also fallen tremendously. Majorities of Republicans and Independents do not favor the job Biden’s doing in office.

Polls have even shown that just three in ten Democratic voters would support the current president in a 2024 primary race.

Additional surveys also indicate that Biden’s party is set to lose the midterms in November. The House of Representatives appears all but certain to flip back to a Republican majority. Meanwhile, the Senate could possibly go back to the GOP as well.

The latest polls over the past year show that Americans have widespread concerns about the president’s management of inflation, gas prices, crime, and the war in Ukraine.

Despite polling that’s gotten progressively worse for Biden, both he and his White House aides continue to insist that America is “back” under the current leadership.

What’s Really Holding Biden Back?
Numerous Americans have been clear in expressing their views that Biden does not have the mental capacity to reasonably serve as president.

Meanwhile, American historian Douglas Brinkley has a different outlook on the matter. According to Brinkley, Biden was simply too optimistic too soon.

After comparing the current president’s 2021 remarks of “independence” to former President George W. Bush’s “mission accomplished” rhetoric, the historian said Biden talked a good game, but ultimately failed to deliver.

This has now led to the loss of “goodwill” for the current president.