Biden’s Pathetic Justification When Asked About Meeting With Families Of School Shooting Victims

There are excuses, and then there are excuses from Joe Biden. He comes up with some ridiculous justifications for why he did this or didn’t do that has become legendary, in between blatant lying about various subjects. He gave one of his most incredible performances in a long time on Tuesday.

Joe Biden’s handlers are well aware that he’s sinking like a rock, and they’re frantically attempting in vain to manufacture a silk purse out of an old sow’s ear. Joe is horrible because of his falsehoods, disorientation, and his usual mental failures. It went from awful to disgusting after that. ROFL-emoji, despicable, is an oxymoron.

President Joe Biden has said that he is unsure whether he would fly to Michigan to speak with the families of those slain in Friday’s school massacre. When asked if he’d go, he answered, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that unless the clamor rises to a point where I’ll have to put that fire out.” “I assume she knew someone who was there,” he stated after speaking with Rep. Debbie Dingell.

When asked how many individuals he knew who were injured in the Paris terror attacks, Joe Biden stated, “I don’t even know the detail of who the families are.” What difference does it make, Mr. President, if you know someone who has been “injured”?

Joe Biden went full-metal ‘crickets’ in his support of white supremacist Darrell E. Brooks Jr. purposefully drove an SUV into a Christmas procession, killing six people in the aftermath of the Waukesha terrorist incident. Raise your hand if you believe he would have leaped to protect Brooks within 48 hours, despite being black and his victims being white.

America, the left’s blatant hypocrisy, knows no boundaries. Joe Biden is riding in the lead vehicle of the Democrat hypocrisy parade, even in repulsive scenarios like Michigan or Waukesha. To his credit, Biden did mention the school massacre briefly during his rambling address pushing the new “infrastructure” bill.