Biden’s Past Lies Resurfaced This Week

Biden has been lying to the entire nation for years now, and some of his past lies are now catching on to him. Biden claimed in February 2020 that he was arrested in South Africa in his attempt to meet Nelson Mandela. But shortly after, Fox News and Tucker Carlson found out that his claim was based on a complete lie after doing some digging.

According to Biden, he went all the way to South Africa to get the chance to meet Nelson Mandela but was arrested by the police in his attempt. In his fabricated lie, Biden forgot to check his facts as Mandela was in jail at the time for terrorist activities at the time when Biden visited South Africa. To further his lies, he added that Mandela came to America to see him in office and thank him for getting arrested in Africa while trying to meet him. Joe Biden made a huge mistake in his choice of words, emphasizing that he got arrested, expressing the honor Biden felt in getting charged in the streets of Soweto with the UN Ambassador. At the same time, he tried to get to see Mandela on Robben Island.

Co-host of Tucker Carlson, Emily Compagno, noted that Soweto is, in fact, 8 miles from Robben Island with no land route then how could Biden have possibly tried to meet Mandela while in Soweto. The footage containing Biden’s statements has been recalled, and the fact check proves that Biden lied. In an interview with CNN, shortly after making the statements of getting arrested, he tried to cover up by saying that he was, in fact, ‘stopped.’ He added that the Afrikaners stopped him and guided him to the “Whites Only” door, which he refused. It was also the first time he’d been pulled over. The entire planned aftermath now appears to be a total fiction of Nelson Mandela’s ever visiting.

Perhaps Biden is a compulsive liar who has been lying his way throughout his campaign to get himself the Presidential seat. His claims to have worked with coal at some point in life or having been brought up in a political environment as a teen is also not backed by any solid proof. The American nation has a President that has a habit of lying.