Biden’s Overreliance on Teleprompters Speaks to Greater Issues

As Joe Biden’s time in the White House carries on, his speeches are getting worse and worse. During his latest visit to Ohio, the president rambled on about how he misses having lunches in the Senate with segregationists.

When Biden’s not making remarks such as this, he’s forgetting the names and positions of the officials within his own administration. All of these problems speak to the clear mental ailments that Biden is suffering from.

For what it’s worth, the White House constantly tries to paint a rosy picture; yet, with all the blunders this president regularly makes, no one can believe he’s up to par.

Now, new information on just how much Biden is reliant upon teleprompters is coming out, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Not a Good Sign
Biden’s reliance on teleprompters is not just for long speeches, but also for simple press conferences and other media events. In a nutshell, the president needs someone holding his hand at virtually all times to avoid falling apart.

This explains why Biden speaks from the Oval Office much less frequently than presidents who have come before him. His lack of Oval Office speeches ultimately boils down to the room being too small to host his teleprompter.

Therefore, the White House often has Biden speak with a fake Oval Office backdrop behind him. This is meant to create the illusion that he’s in the Oval Office when sharing certain remarks with the public.

Months ago, images of Biden speaking in front of a fake Oval Office backdrop spread across social media. Some Americans even speculated whether or not the president was truly in the White House during these times.

If Biden’s reliance on a teleprompter is so great that it impairs him from speaking in the Oval Office, it’s only fair for Americans to ask what else may be happening behind the scenes.

A Liability to National Security
It is one thing for a president to require a teleprompter when he’s giving long speeches; it’s an entirely different matter when Biden needs a teleprompter at virtually all times.

Between the president’s constant gaffes and slip-ups while speaking, he’s been cited as a national security liability by Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), who also previously worked as a doctor for the White House.

Jackson warns that Biden is not of sound mind and not capable of effectively doing the job as president. Judging from the extent of Biden’s reliance on teleprompters, the liability he poses is only going to get worse.