Biden’s Operation Fly Formula is Not the Win He Thinks It Is

Across the United States, the baby formula shortage has truly shaken many Americans to their core. Reports of infants being hospitalized and placed on IVs because their parents can’t find the formula they need doesn’t inspire comfort at all.

When it comes to these shortages, the White House’s messaging has been all over the place. At one point, officials of the Biden administration suggested that parents try giving generic formula to their infants.

This is very dangerous, though. Many infants require specific types of formula and have gotten sick from generic ones.

Later, the White House suggested that parents call their pediatricians and seek “samples” of baby formula to give to their kids. Yet, with nationwide shortages, pediatricians don’t have samples to hand out.

On Sunday, new shipments of baby formula arrived from Germany. Joe Biden has branded this as “Operation Fly Formula,” along with publicly patting himself on the back over it.

Sadly for Biden, getting formula rushed into America because of domestic shortages isn’t the victory he seems to believe it is.

The Problem With Biden’s Latest Reaction to Baby Formula Shortages
On Twitter, Biden declared that “70,000 tons” of baby formula were being imported into the United States with “around the clock” work to get formula to everyone in need.

However, the tweet was later taken down, as the president actually meant to announce that “70,000 pounds” of baby formula were coming to the country.

Yet, even when one overlooks the ton/pounds error, even the true amount being shipped into America is nothing to write home about.

70,000 pounds of baby formula shakes out to about $1.5 million in purchases. Yet, on an annual basis, Americans purchase baby formula to the tune of $3.6 billion.

Mathematically speaking, the “around the clock” work that Biden references will only provide relief for about four hours.

More Shortages on the Way?
Because so many parents have gone without critical access to formula, the product will fly off store shelves from virtually the moment it arrives. Meanwhile, infants are going to need this formula on a consistent basis.

The imports from Germany will not last forever. As the president pats himself on the back, he has not announced what will happen once these shipments have been purchased and consumed.

Abbott Nutrition, the leading US baby formula manufacturer, has stated that two months may pass before its products are back on shelves and readily available like before.

Many Americans would love to know what Biden’s plan is between now and then.