Biden’s New COVID-19 Test Coverage Regulation Came “Unannounced”

Private insurance must cover the expenses of in-home testing under the new regulation by the Biden Administration, which goes into effect this Saturday. According to a New York Times story published this week, many insurers will not achieve such standards soon. On Saturday, the Biden Administration’s new regulation mandating insurance companies to fund eight at-home tests each month goes into effect without any warning.

According to the insurers, setting up a comprehensive system for over-the-counter diagnostics, which differ from doctor visits and hospital stays, might take weeks to implement. According to reports, the tests lack the billing numbers required by insurance companies to process claims. Because health plans seldom process retail receipts, insurers will have to handle situations at first manually.

According to the Alliance of Community Health Plans’ president and CEO, Ceci Connolly, this takes things back to the olden days. “You’ll have someone placing all these paper slips in a shoebox, cramming them into an envelope, and sending them to an insurance company,” Connolly says. Furthermore, Connolly said that the regulation is being implemented too rapidly, citing that it was announced on Monday and was meant to go into effect on Saturday.

According to a few reports, some individuals will buy them and then have a six-month nightmare trying to be paid, Jenny Chumbley Hogue, a Texas-based insurance broker, said. Furthermore, President Joe Biden urged the health authorities to order an additional 500 million COVID-19 tests for free distribution to the American people. He claimed that this is on top of the half a billion tests his government is “in the process” of delivering “for free” to people’s homes.