Biden’s New Climate Aide Poses Serious Problems

Since getting into the White House, Joe Biden’s racked up a very negative track record when it comes to selecting various individuals for leadership roles.

Biden nominated Saule Omarova to serve as Comptroller of the Currency, despite her self-admitted views of wanting to end private banking and watch the energy sector deplete. Even Democrats in the Senate admitted that her views went too far for their own comfort.

Recently, the president also approved former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms (D) to serve as his public engagement director. Unfortunately, Bottoms’ leadership of Atlanta was riddled with the inability to stop rising crime, but Biden didn’t let this stop him.

This time around, Biden’s chosen left-wing operative John Podesta to serve as a climate aide in the White House. However, this poses a series of issues that Americans are openly talking about.

The Problem With Podesta Working in the White House
Throughout John Podesta’s period of working in politics, he maintained a long-time pattern of working solely in the interests of Democratic agendas.

Many Americans believe amid Podesta taking on a role that has him controlling how the federal government rewards businesses (via taxpayer dollars) that embrace climate change reforms, a lot can go wrong.

Podesta’s oversight will also impact potential benefits for individuals who opt to use electric vehicles, electric heat pumps, and solar panels.

Aside from Podesta’s political biases that will not serve all Americans equally, concerns about his qualifications exist as well.

Critics caution that Biden’s hiring of Podesta follows a pattern of him bringing on various operatives that are connected to leftist politics, yet don’t have the necessary training to effectively serve the nation’s best interest.

Podesta’s resume includes working for the Clinton and Obama presidential administrations, along with serving as the chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 White House campaign.

No Worries From Biden
Naturally, the president hasn’t shown any regard for the concerns raised about Podesta’s newfound gig in the administration. If anything, this is precisely why the president wants Podesta on board.

In a statement, Biden expressed the White House is excited about Podesta joining the administration. The president also said Podesta’s years-long ties to climate change activism give the federal government the necessary tools to embrace America’s “clean energy opportunity.”