Biden’s Message on Gas Causes Outrage

For months on end, Americans have been forced to pay more and more money at the gas pumps. In California, for instance, gas prices stand at an average of over $6.00 per gallon, well above the national average.

Naturally, the president has an explanation for gas prices. He claims it’s all the fault of greedy corporate oil companies trying to take consumers for all they’re worth. What Biden won’t mention is the extent to which his policies have sent energy costs skyrocketing.

Despite standing firmly behind policies that block the reduction of fuel prices, the president recently instructed gas stations to lower their consumer costs “now.”

This has not gone over too well for Biden.

The Problem With Biden’s Messaging
On Saturday, the president put out a tweet that once again blames gas stations for the problems that his own reforms are driving.

According to Biden, “global peril” and warfare are present. Biden then declared that gas stations must lower their prices in accordance with the rates they’re paying for acquisition. Later, the president said gas stations need to do what he said “now.”

This tweet has been widely panned by Republican officials and conservative voters. Once again, Americans reminded the president of the many ways he’s forced gas prices to where they are today.

Just a few examples include Biden putting high-handed regulations on the energy sector, signing anti-energy executive orders, and stifling pipelines, such as Keystone XL.

Critics took to social media, stating that if Biden reversed his own policies regarding energy, gas prices could decline as he claims to want.

Americans also pointed out the role that inflation has played in growing gas prices. This, too, can be traced back to policies pushed by the president, namely the 2021 American Rescue Plan.

Policies Speak Louder Than Rhetoric
Energy companies have begun pushing back against assertions from the president that accuse them of price-gouging and otherwise unfairly charging consumers.

These companies are asking Biden to work with them and show good faith that mirrors his disposition to nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The president’s response to this involved claiming that energy company executives are simply too sensitive. Since Biden’s time in office, he’s consistently rejected opportunities to work with domestic energy producers.

Unfortunately, this latest tweet from the president shows Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for any serious changes.