Biden’s Fierce Reaction About Rittenhouse’s Acquittal Weakens Justice

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted this Friday as the long trial came to an end. As the Jury announced the not-guilty verdict, the White House released a statement by President Joe Biden that expressed his anger over the verdict. He said that although many Americans will be angered and disappointed with the verdict, himself included, the Jury has spoken, which has to be acknowledged. But what exactly is Joe Biden angry about? The fact that the trial verdict did not come out how he wanted it to. He did not go through the series of evidence provided in Kyle Rittenhouse’s favor to prove that he is innocent because that would have him looking deep into the disasters he has caused since taking over the presidential office.

His dull commentary shows that he has not watched the much televised criminal trial in Wisconsin. Anyone who watched the trial wouldn’t be shocked, concerned, or even angry about the Jury’s acquittal on all accounts against the 18-year-old Rittenhouse after the evidentiary flow of the prosecution’s case against Rittenhouse. The entire judicial system has turned into a playground for leftist propaganda.

Biden and his corporate media played a significant role in declaring race as a factor in the trial even though no such animus existed. Everyone involved in the trial, including Rittenhouse, was white. The left targeted Rittenhouse, including leftist media and the President of the United States himself, to sell the narrative that the pro-gun defenders of liberty are by definition “white supremacists.” Thanks to all the cameras inside the courtroom, every detail of evidence was recorded and proved that the only just verdict was an acquittal based on self-defense. At the end of this trial, everyone needs to understand that the justice system requires that the Jury relies on the trial’s evidence only and not the people’s passions.